Important News Surrounding Super Bowl LVII

It’s time again, NFL fans. The playoffs are back, which means we are about to watch the NFL’s top teams battle it out for their spot in the super bowl and, ultimately, the Lombardi Trophy. This year will be the 57th rendition of the big game, and it is set to take place on February 12th at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, home of the Cardinals. 

There is already some good news about everything related to the biggest game of the year. All things ranging from the potential teams and competition, location of the game, and commercials, as well as the halftime show, have brought good news so far, and we can expect more positive news and Super Bowl odds to keep coming out as we get closer and closer to Super Bowl LVII.

The NFL’s Best Teams at a Great Location

This season has been one of the most wide-open as far as which teams can win it all in recent memory. There are so many really good teams in the AFC and a few in the NFC that have legitimate chances at winning it all. This means we will be due for a really good game this February. 

Although we did have a great matchup in last year’s big game, the past few super bowls before that one were subpar, as far as the gameplay goes. This year, it’s likely that we will have two really competitive teams going at it, as closeness and competitiveness have been some of the underlying themes of this current NFL season.

 Another positive thing about this year’s super bowl is that it will be indoors. Why this may not be super exciting, it does mean that weather will not be a factor, which in my opinion, should be the case for all super bowls. If it’s nice out, the roof will be open. If it is not nice out, it will be closed. This means we can expect this year’s super bowl odds to be accurate and unaffected by weather.

There have been games in years past where the weather has played a factor. Some people are fine with this, but those like me think the game should be decided by the players on the field, not by the conditions above.  

Rihanna and Gronk Headline the Halftime Show and Commercial Lineup

It was announced last year that Rihanna would be this year’s headliner act for the halftime show. In recent years past, we have seen the halftime show continue to get better and better with each performance. 

It will be hard to top last year’s performance by Dr. Dre, Snoop, and others, but I think Rihanna and whoever else ends up performing with her may have a chance. The production team does a great job each year going above and beyond to put on a spectacle for all viewers, including planning out the finest details for dance routines, lighting displays, and pyrotechnics used for the show. 

Another cool announcement that just came out recently is that former NFL TE Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski will be kicking a field goal live on air as part of a sports betting company’s commercial slot. This aspect of the commercial being “live” is exciting because we may start to see more and more things like this going forward as far as super bowl commercials go. Even just the smallest commercial time slots go for millions and millions of dollars every super bowl. 

Although these companies have spent big money on these commercial slots, they have been on a constant decline as far as comedy goes over the last five to ten years. I think the idea of these new “live commercials” can bring some real excitement to the commercial breaks for super bowls and other big sporting events going forward. 

Regardless of what happens this NFL postseason, we can expect more and more positive news to come about as we count down the days till Super Bowl LVII.

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