How 2023 will Witnesses a Technology Surge

Today, in the digital era, lots of changes are taking place in every sector of human life. The pandemic has made it impossible to survive the digital era without a specifically well-planned and ready-to-be-executed transformation strategy. Global organizations are looking to increase the pace at which they work. And they are doing this along with increased efficiency and maintaining their sustainability, scalability, and establishing security in their functions while they are innovating in the process of evolution.

It can be said technology has evolved very much and there are a lot of positive results to prove it. It has injected itself into the most basic level of people’s everyday life and found ways to better them. With the arrival of the new year, websites like have implemented these new digital trends in the gaming industry. They have already started creating the hype. These trends and strategies alone can change the route and the future of organizations and companies that have already stepped into the flow of digital transformation.

There are a lot of new and emerging trends in technology but not each one of them is capable of changing the course of the digital transformation era. Some of these technologies are not successful now at the time but maybe increased standards or changed conditions can set the bar. The rest of the changes and other technologies are already adopted by the industries and made their way to being the most influential changes. Here are some of the most substantial changes and the most hyped technologies we can witness in 2023.

Virtual Alliance

The pandemic made sure that virtual collaborations pick up some pace and since then rather than becoming a trend, it has become a need of humanity. Collective team meetings and group discussions are an important part of running any business as major operating decisions are taken in meetings of these kinds. Organizations that don’t only want to survive but also stay relevant in this ever-changing market have to harness the power of technology. With the adoption of technology and modernization, companies are shifting to new ways of working. In the hybrid working model, this technology can boost the flexibility and productivity of the employee and the organization as well.

Augmented Reality

For those who don’t understand much about technology but still want to know something about Augmented Reality, it is what enables you to try on frames for your specs or see how good you’ll look in a specific dress or a clothing item on your phone while shopping online. Augmented Reality is making the online shopping experience more tangible and is making it immersive for customers. It is one of the hottest trends in recent times. AR puts together the real and the virtual world on each other by layering virtual objects over real-world scenarios seamlessly. This can help brands and companies to create a unique identity by delivering distinctive experiences to their customers.

Edge Computing

Above all the technologies and all advancements, this era of transformation is ruled by the Internet of Things (IoT). The amount of data produced by IoT devices is expected to reach 73.1 zettabytes. To give you an estimate, 1 zettabyte equals 1000 exabytes. Also, according to the calculations, the number of IoT devices will reach 25.4 billion. To cope with this data overload, Edge Computing is seen to be the new solution. With Edge Computing, real-time data can be processed faster than ever. It also provides data security and reduces data threats by enabling its local data processing abilities. It provides smooth data transmission by ensuring higher speeds and processing data closer to the source.


Among all the issues and challenges the world is facing right now, sustainability tops the list. This makes it important for ESG (environment, social, and governance) proposals to create more value in the coming year. Government and Businesses must collaborate and speed up their transformations by embracing sustainable models which substantially cuts out emission and also lowers the amount of environmental footprint to improve the quality of life of the people and make the world a better place for the upcoming generations.


The year 2022 was declared as ‘the year of hybrid work’. Similarly, 2023 is set to be one scale ahead of the previous year and present you with unbelievable advancements in technology and their effects on the lives of people. After the pandemic, we are seeing a new life and the best for us is to adapt to this life and move forward with it to boost economic growth and sustainability as well.

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