Best Math Websites for Kids

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and systems development, the learning process is now more enjoyable for kids. and several other math websites are at the forefront of educational innovations, presenting excellent approaches for mastering math. These sites adopt interactive methods of passing important information to kids.

We have compiled a list of the online mathematics courses that help youngsters develop their mathematical knowledge. Continue reading to know how these sites differ, what they have in common, and why they are among the best.

The List of the Best Math Websites for Kids

Below are the top math websites to enroll your kids to get the best out of them.

Brighterly is one the biggest math websites comprising numerous students and high-quality tutors. For several reasons, one would consider Brighterly one of the best websites for teaching kids math. Below are some of these reasons:

  • Adoption of game-fused learning methods.
  • Top-notch curriculum.
  • Personalized tutoring.
  • Ability to track kids’ math progress.
  • Assistance with kids’ assignments.
  • Experienced tutors.

The use of Brighterly will open your kids to understanding essential aspects of mathematics. Kids will proceed from straightforward concepts to the most complex ones. There are tons of learning resources like worksheets to make the learning process smoother.

Without a doubt, is among the best websites for kids to master mathematical concepts. As a subsidiary of the IXL network and a comprehensive educational resource for young children, serves as a one-stop shop for parents and teachers who wish to assist their students to succeed in school. is a veritable educational treasury, with material spanning over 800 essential skills, selected games, and activities focusing mainly on the curriculum. There are downloadable worksheets, workbooks, and study pack resources available.

With a paid membership, you can unlock even more materials and access a progress tracker that keeps tabs on how much time was spent studying and the amount of information a kid has gained. also has a website, Brainzy, specifically for preschoolers.

Math Playground

Math Playground comprises top professionals with extensive knowledge of mathematics and experience in learning kids. This website is one of the best math help websites that contains fun and user-friendly resources ideal for students of all ages.

Searching by grade or theme, you may find various engaging and exciting math games and animated films for kids of all ages and skill levels. Math Playground is a suitable platform for youngsters to explore and play while learning fundamental mathematical ideas. The website is perfect for introducing new skills and reinforcing earlier learning.

While most of the content is available without charge, premium users may enjoy ad-free content, full-screen play and access to exclusive content. You can try the seven-day trial option to know if the resource is worthwhile.


You may have come across the Rocket Math website. There is a mobile app version of this website available for download. This website is fully backed and has been given a new web-based feature to further its use.

Automaticity is the term Rocket Math uses to describe what it does. They aim to help kids reach an “automaticity” level in mathematics beyond learning how to solve equations and even fluency.

The goal of this math website is to teach kids the essential multiplication operations and multiplication tables using a highly dependable technique based on visual story-telling and pictorial representation.

This math website provides a conducive environment for youngsters. It focuses on those who have trouble learning the tables and understanding the idea of multiplication (and other numerical operations). There are numerous free materials on the website. However, a paid subscription unlocks an individualized lesson plan, data-gathering, and reporting system for keeping parents and teachers abreast of students’ development. Youngsters may improve their speed and accuracy of calculations with regular practice while having a great time.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy is one of the best math websites for kids to master mathematical ideas and concepts. Since it is exciting, kids will be happy to use Prodigy at home or school.

All instructional resources on the Prodigy Math website are entirely free. Premium membership grants unrestricted access to all content, including games and other accessories. There are on-screen learning materials such as a fraction wall, counters, foundation blocks, and colored pens for writing down notes and figuring out arithmetic problems.

The Maths Factor

The Maths Factor, developed by the mathematician Carol Vorderman, is a fantastic resource for teaching and studying mathematics.

The website offers excellent instructional videos that ensure kids understand concepts. The website’s family membership option allows numerous children to have individualized learning curricula.

The use of The Maths Factor website can help kids gain confidence in their ability to solve and learn mathematics. Also, kids will be confident to create their “Tower of Achievements” with only a few minutes of daily practice. The site’s sophisticated, colorful visuals and engaging design make it a fantastic resource for youngsters. The Parent Zone on the site allows parents to monitor their children’s progress. There are also courses for parents that assist them in gaining mathematical confidence.

Math Learning Center

Top math educators form the Math Learning Center. The website comprises materials for kindergarteners and school students, allowing them to practice and gain fundamental arithmetic abilities.

You can check out this comprehensive website if you are a parent or teacher looking to help your kids master arithmetic. Although the on-site experience is unsuitable for children aged 4–11 (Preschool-Grade 5), it provides parents and teachers with tools to aid their children’s education at home or in the classroom. There are numerous printable resources, workbooks, worksheets, and more you can download to make learning easier.


These websites are fantastic and come in free and paid versions. You can go through their perks to determine the most suitable for your kids. Indeed, irrespective of the platform you settle for, your kids will advance quickly in their math learning. Whether at home or school, these websites are helpful tools.

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