Formula E Racing Is Fast-Gaining Traction In Sport Betting

Racing has always played a crucial role in the auto industry. Carmakers and engineers love to tweak and upgrade their cars to compete, dominate circuits, and snag sponsorships, all in the name of marketing.  Beyond the sport and thrill of speed, racing is equally competitive on the sports betting front. By gambling on races, racing fans and bettors don’t just follow their favourite drivers and teams; they can bet on race outcomes.

Lots of betting sites help grow the sports betting industry with their comprehensive coverage of the motor racing betting markets, bonuses, and competitive odds. The global sports betting market will hit $140.26 bn by 2028, with car racing as one of its most vibrant segments. NASCAR and Formula 1 Racing, according to Legalbet.UK, currently dominate the events and betting markets of top bookies.

NASCAR and F1 Racing are two different series or races. NASCAR uses stock cars, while Formula 1 only allows open-wheel cars. Racing cars are unlike the vehicles you see on the road, mostly made of carbon fibre. NASCAR vehicles look like the average street cars but are mostly modified.

While these two circuits dominate the betting conversations, another race is fast-gaining traction: Formula E.

Formula E: Electric Cars Race

Officially, it’s called the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, a single-seater motorsport event for electric vehicles. The series was conceived in Paris in 2011 by FIA President Jean Todt and businessman Alejandro Agag, who serves as the series’ current chairman.

Formula E is a city-based and single-seater electric vehicle motor racing championship that’s currently contested by eleven teams with two drivers each. Formula E features electric-powered race cars similar to the style of hybrid vehicles running in F1. However, unlike NASCAR and F1, Formula E races take place on temporary city-centre street circuits ranging from 1.9 to 3.4 km long.

How Betting on Formula E Works?

Betting on Formula E races is straightforward and follows the rules of traditional motor race betting with a few extras.

Like motorsports, the most popular betting markets are the driver’s and the manufacturer’s world championship and individual race winners.

In addition to these popular Formula E bets, there are a few exciting betting markets bettors can consider. At top betting sites, there’s an option to wager on prop bets. For example, you can make each-way bets on drivers and wager on who will finish in the Top 3. You’ll also find betting lines on the first race to retire or who’ll notch the fastest lap. In addition, top bookies may pit drivers against each other in a head-to-head wager. The Formula E driver with the better finish or time wins the match-up.

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing Your Bet

If you’re new to Formula 1 betting and want to bet on outcomes, then check out these basic steps to place a wager:

  1. Log in to your sportsbook account using your designated username and password. If you’re a new bettor, you’ll find some betting sites that offer Formula E betting and allow a quick sign-up process. You can find a list of reliable betting sites at Legalbet.UK.
  2. Top up your account and proceed to the sportsbook section. Find ‘Formula E’ from the list of available sports by browsing its offerings or by using its drop-down menu.
  3. From the available betting markets, make a selection. Your selection automatically reflects in your ‘Bet Slip,’ which you’ll typically find at the right or bottom of the page.
  4. On your ‘Bet Slip,’ you’ll find information about selection, including the odds and potential payout based on the bet. In addition, there’s an option to customise your bet before you submit it.
  5. Click ‘Submit,’ and you’re ready to play and wait for the race results!

Fanboost and Attack Mode Give Races More Thrill

Formula E betting provides bettors with exciting wagering opportunities. In addition, organisers added the ‘Fanboost. On each race, fans and bettors can vote for their favourite driver using the organiser’s official app or website. Voting happens three days before the event and closes 15 minutes before the race.

In addition, ‘Attack Mode’ has been running for five seasons. Under this feature, drivers get an extra 25 kW in season 5 of power after driving through an identified area of the circuit. The number of boosts and duration is decided minutes before the race.

The addition of these extras makes Formula E betting more exhilarating.

Formula E Racing: Looking Ahead

There’s more to Formula E racing than city street races, all-electric vehicles, and the championships. Instead, it’s a sport of its own, pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and cleaner energy. And betting on Formula E races goes beyond the thrill of betting on the outcome.

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming popular, and Formula E races show their potential capacity to do more in the years ahead. With its tagline: Change. Accelerated, Formula E is leading the charge in redefining automotive design, betting on races, and the transportation industry.

While its size, scope, and popularity may not yet eclipse or match that of NASCAR and Formula 1, it’s safe to say that Formula E is changing the dynamics one city race at a time!

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