Sam Bankman-Fried would agree to extradite him to the United States

Sam Bankman-Fried would agree to extradite him to the United States

The former CEO of FTX has reportedly reconsidered his decision to challenge his extradition to the United States. At the time of his appearance at the Bahamian court hearing Following his arrest last Monday at his home in NASA, the key to her safety was to prevent her from leaving island territory, where she would have changed her tune. Actually, step An article From Reuters, Sam Bankman-Fried is expected to announce in the same Bahamian court on Monday that he will not challenge his extradition to the United States..

He can face it by agreeing to it At least eight counts will emerge Department of Justice (DOJ), of the SEC And of the CFTC For electronic fraud and money laundering. If convicted, Madoff (the American financier who defrauded thousands of investors out of billions of dollars over a 17-year period) would be charged with crypto. A jail term of 115 years is possible.

A long legal road

But in this complex case, it may be long overdue to know that Damian Williams, the attorney for the Southern District of New York, has a long way to piece it together. “One of the largest financial frauds in American history”. Additionally, US courts impose very different criminal penalties in these financial fraud cases.

So, if Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 and died behind bars, the leaders of Enron, the American energy company (the 7th largest US company by revenue), which experienced bankruptcy in 2001, were given lighter sentences. . One of the company’s founders, Kenneth Lay, died soon after his 45-year prison sentence following revelations that the company used front companies to inflate results, while former CEO Jeffrey Skilling served 12 years of a 24-year sentence.

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It was Mark Cohen, a former federal prosecutor, who had to ensure the safety of the SBF, so its walls could be known. Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center Or another prison near New York.

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