Lionel Scaloni: “This match was crazy” after Argentina win in World Cup final

Lionel Scaloni: "This match was crazy" after Argentina win in World Cup final

“How do you feel after this win?
Peaceful (Smile). I want to talk about the game, not just the fact that we are world champions because this game was crazy. We are not very lucky, but we are strong enough to think. Being world champion wasn’t something I planned, but here we are and I think it’s deserved. We must emphasize the mentality of this team, never admitting defeat is its strength. Despite France struggling to score two goals, we continued to play against the Netherlands.

Do you think Lionel Messi will continue his career in selection?
He has the right to decide what he wants to do in his career. It was a pleasure to coach him. I never saw him send it to his teammates. I have never seen someone so influential with his teammates.

“With my staff, we clearly knew how this team should play.”

What motivated you to be the coach that allowed him to win the Copa America and become a world champion?
With my staff, we have a clear idea of ​​how we want this team to play. In the first months, we played differently, but from 2019 we understood which players he can feel good on the pitch with and which players can feel comfortable with him. There, the team proposed a different game, which we saw this year.

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