American football is gaining popularity in Morocco

American football is gaining popularity in Morocco

This discipline, which was little known in Morocco a few years ago, has gained popularity mainly among women. Amin, 14, has been playing American football for about a year with the Jaguars in Rabat, a team formed in 2012. In this club formed by male and female teams, training takes place on the ground located on the coast. Bouregreg River.

Athletes, both genders and youngsters of different levels, are preparing for training in a family atmosphere and discipline under the leadership of head coach Tariq Napati. Players split into offensive and defensive teams to practice before playing together.

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“I like the girls to train with the boys to improve their condition,” explained the coach EFE. According to the 26-year-old Hind of the Jaguars women’s team, the tactic is paying off. “I was able to improve my game by training with my fellow men. I was selected as the best corner in the 2020 African Championship we played in Egypt”, she says.

Read: In Morocco, American football is gaining popularity

The women’s team finished second in the competition. Despite the aggressiveness and complexity of the game, players believe that they can go far in this discipline. “American football is different. It is a team sport. As women, we have proved that it is not just a men’s sport,” said Nizrin, 30, who started playing the sport a few years ago after coming to practice with her husband.

In Morocco, American football is practiced by fourteen teams, six of which are women’s. Advertisers seek to create a consortium.

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