Western MPs are concerned about China’s massive DNA collections

Western MPs are concerned about China's massive DNA collections

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In a letter to foreign ministers from 15 countries, members of the Parliament of China (Ipac) expressed concern over the Chinese government’s use of bulk DNA sampling in the autonomous Tibet region.

Based on NGO reports, members of parliament are asking ministers to investigate any possible link between organizations operating in their country and mass DNA collection by the communist regime. At least one American company, Thermo Fisher, has been accused of providing DNA profiling kits to officials in Tibet. Co-Chairman of This AgreementFrench Senator André Gattolin appealed to French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna to shed light on the possible involvement of French or European institutions.

As of today, this universe is more integrated, run by private companies, often with startups whose financial implications are more disruptive and in which we indirectly see Chinese capital. He explains. We ask each state to conduct studies to monitor the possible changes of this American company, Thermo Fisher, which has been questioned in our region, and to find out if there are impacts. »

Birth control, forced sterilization

What is the purpose of Chinese power in these data collections in Tibet? But in Xinjiang too, the communist regime is carrying out repression Uighur minority ? “ It is ostensibly to control the population, but also to control its births, its population growth with compulsory sterilization programsAndre Catolin, co-chair of the Interparliamentary Alliance on China believes so. We have testimonies from Tibetan women and Uighur women who have been sterilized overnight during mandatory medical examinations to prevent population growth. Outside of Lhasa, in the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region, more than half of the people living there are now not Tibetans, but Chinese. There is a form of immigration and depopulation. »

Senator Andre Catolin believes this ” One of the elements of a genocidal approach is the radical or gradual and enforced destruction of a population “.

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