John Madden is back on the cover after 20 years

John Madden is back on the cover after 20 years
John Madden, who passed away a few months ago on December 28, 2021, will forever be linked to the American football game from Electronic Arts. Also, as a final tribute to him, the American publisher has decided to put Madden on the cover of NFL 23, which is coming to PC and consoles on August 19. It’s been more than 20 years since the sports coach last appeared on the game’s cover, while the series debuted 34 years ago in 1988. Visually, this is an example of a young John Madden, at the peak of his career, with his friendly smile, a story we will remember him for forever.

Madden NFL 23

Beyond the tribute to Trainer, Electronic Arts noted that the PS5 and Xbox series versions will benefit from the FieldSense gameplay system, an unprecedented technology that allows for physical interactions never before seen in a sports video game. Change the outcome of a tackle. The system also includes new mechanisms such as 360 Cuts, which allows the ball carrier to change direction in the blink of an eye while controlling it. There is also skill-based passing, a new way to send the ball with optimal control and power to the desired destination. Will Madden NFL 23 be the chapter in the revolution? The Answer on August 19 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.

Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23Madden NFL 23

Following the announcement of #MaddenDay, in honor of coach John Madden and He turned on the jacket of EA Sports Madden NFL For the first time in over twenty years, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced a suite of new features. Madden NFL 23 will soon be released worldwide, scheduled for August 19. MNFL 23 addon Provides the most realistic 11v11 American football simulation. With the decisive contribution of the game system fieldfeeling On PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S, players will enjoy greater control at every station Madden NFL 23.

fieldfeeling Uses new technology and mechanics for smooth play and real results on the pitch. Animation technology fieldfeeling allows “Beat It All”, a system that redefines American football’s physical contact, allowing every player to fight for every ground and change the outcome of the tackle. It also has new mechanics like 360 cutsThis allows players to simultaneously change direction while controlling the ball carrier, or Competency based masteryA new way of passing the ball with optimal control, thus sending it exactly to the desired place, with the desired force.

“Coach Madden breathes American football and his commitment to authenticity is at the heart of the EA Sports philosophy,” said Aaron McHardy, executive game producer. Madden NFL. “John Madden envisioned what would be the most realistic 11-on-11 American football simulation, and we built. fieldfeeling So the game gets more credibility this year. We can’t wait for our most loyal players to feel the quality of control fieldfeeling Takes them in Madden NFL 23.”

Regardless of game mode, fieldfeeling Affects overall playability Madden NFL 23, thus allowing everyone to better control their skills and influence the outcome of the match. Along with several improvements to gameplay systems that reinforce American football fundamentals (area coverage, pass-rush, moving quarterbacks, etc.), Madden NFL 23 More balanced than ever.

The overall layout of the game benefits from several improvements, with new player body types, new gear and completely redesigned graphics based on new body scans and clothing of NFL players. Hundreds of new player and manager faces were scanned for the game’s launch, and will be arriving throughout the season. Not to mention the new player-centric 4K touchdown cameras, similar to the current NFL television skin, allow for a new level of realism.

Face of Ownership: For his return, the league is focused on building a stellar NFL career at five key positions, including cornerback (for the first time) and the lofty goal of joining the “99 Club.” Madden NFL. with fieldfeeling, the game is enriched with specific instructions. And since League is a player-locked mode, no matter which level you choose in Face of the Franchise, there will be new commands to master. Among the innovations of Franchise Mode, some respond to the most pressing demands of the community. They are concerned with specific autonomous players (or free agents), contract systems (contract instruments). As for the improvements made in the recruitment system, the reception (Hub) and the logic of the exchange, they make it possible to take decisions from your office. Simplified team building and easy matchups in Madden Ultimate Team create the most powerful roster around NFL stars and legends.

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EA Play members can play Madden NFL 23 three days before release with a 10-hour trial, and they’ll also receive exclusive monthly in-game benefits. Can be unlocked with EA Play Pro. Madden NFL 23 The EA Play Pro version will be available soon, and if they log in at least once a month, get all the EA Play rewards and 500 monthly Madden Points. Learn more about EA Play and EA Play Pro:

More information about Madden NFL 23 More will be revealed throughout the summer, so stay tuned to the Madden NFL site and social media Twitter, Facebook And instagram So you won’t miss any of the latest updates.

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Madden NFL 23 Developed by EA Tiburon in Orlando (Florida) and Madrid (Spain) and available worldwide on August 19 via EA on Sony PlayStation®4, Sony PlayStation®5, Microsoft Xbox® One, Microsoft Xbox® Series X|S , PC. App for Windows, Origin™, Steam and Epic Games Store

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