“All American: Homecoming”: What is Salto’s new series worth?

"All American: Homecoming": What is Salto's new series worth?

“All American” (the fourth season of which is currently airing on Salto) follows Spencer, a young American football prodigy. On the same stage, with “Homecoming” coming up on Tuesday, February 22nd, Simone takes center stage as she shows herself at tennis practice. The young woman was already in the credits of the original series, and the episode of season 3 that aired in July was an introduction to this new fiction. Too bad it’s starting nearly eight months later, and this first entry in the “All American: Homecoming” universe is a bit far-fetched.

Mother Simone gave her son up for adoption when he was still in high school, but she remains in touch with the parents who took the boy. She was also the girlfriend of one of the main characters of “All American”, Jordan, whom she married before the couple decided to annul their somewhat hasty union.

Here he leaves Los Angeles and settles in Atlanta, where he attends Princeton University, which is reserved for black students. So we thought we deserved a new female fic. However, from the first episode, the male character Damon, a baseball star, finds himself constantly putting himself forward and overshadowing his companion. A small mistake on the part of the writers who didn’t believe in her heroine’s potential from the start. Damon is at the center of a very mysterious plot introduced at the end of this first episode.

The first section showing strain

For the rest, already “All American,” “Homecoming” amplifies different storylines by relying on a chorus of protagonists. For both students and adults. The university is struggling to recover from a cheating scandal that has crippled the baseball program. So it had to be rebuilt almost from scratch, having lost almost all its best players.

The teacher behind the revelations is Simone’s aunt, who is respected by the students but is in a delicate academic position as her class time is cut. Surprisingly, another familiar face to “All American” fans has appeared in this new series. Although he’s an unpopular character from the original comics, he might change fans’ minds about him.

This first part is clumsy, but “All American: Homecoming” should give several episodes a chance to find out if the students of Princeton will be as lovable as the high school students of Beverly Hills and South Crenshaw. Delight fans from November 2020 at Salto.

Author Rating: 2.5/5

“All American: Homecoming”, Nkechi Okoro Carroll (2022) US Series with Keffrey Maya, Peyton Alex Smith, Kelly Jenret… Episode 1 (42 minutes).

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