He rented an Airbnb accommodation and found hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom

He rented an Airbnb accommodation and found hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom

A 24-year-old woman found hidden cameras in an Airbnb apartment she was renting with friends in Rouen. She complained. The US company says it is taking the matter very seriously.

The reflection of the alarm clock would have given him a clue. A young woman and her boyfriend rented a hostel in Rouen last weekend via the Airbnb platform. The couple found cameras hidden in a clock radio and a USB power strip. At the end of her stay, the young woman lodged a complaint at the Dieppe police station.

In a video posted on Instagram, she described recovering two devices and her father was able to see what was on the SD cards. He found pictures of his daughter in the bathroom and friends going to the bathroom.

The press service of the Airbnb platform describes the measures taken for the tenant: “We take this incident seriously and fully support the guest. We immediately suspended the host’s account and are ready to assist the police in their investigation. Hidden cameras are prohibited on Airbnb, and we take strict action against anyone who violates our rules. Safety is our community’s top priority, and Airbnb remains to this day. With over a billion guest visits in , issues like this are incredibly rare.”

In addition to the police investigation, an internal investigation is ongoing into No. 1 for rent between individuals : “We support the passenger, especially by offering him a full refund of the booking. “The site says to apply”of Strict policies Regarding the use of any type of monitoring device inside the rental accommodation“Deleting the offending user’s account etc. Hosts must report the presence of surveillance equipment, prohibited equipment inside the hostel”In private spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms or other sleeping areas“The American company is recalling it Its 24-hour helpline accessible to passengers and it is “Less than 0.1% of bookings result in a safety report from hosts or guests“.

Home camera, what the law says

on the site CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Freedom)“An individual can install cameras in his home to ensure its security. These devices are not subject to personal data protection rules. They are strictly limited to the private sphere. In all cases, they are strictly Respect the privacy of neighbors, visitors and passers-by.”

In the case of an individual, the images of his property can be viewed by any person authorized by the owner of the premises. However, be careful Does not violate privacy People filmed: courtesy Image rights Your family members, friends and guests!

If the device is used strictly outside the private sphere, for example, because people outside the family or a circle of friends intervene in the home (caregiver, nanny, etc.), people should be informed about the cameras and their purpose. (for example, by displaying at the entrance to the filmed area, information contained in the contract with the housekeeper, etc.).

What are the remedies?

If a device installed by an individual does not comply with these rules, you can enter:

  • Complaints Department of the National Commission for Computing and Freedom (CNIL);
  • police or gendarmerie, or municipal police;
  • Public Prosecutor or Civil Court.

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