Aziz Akhannouch souligne à Washington le rôle central du Maroc dans les relations américano-africaines

Aziz Akannouch in Washington emphasizes Morocco’s central role in US-African relations

Aziz Akannouch in Washington emphasizes Morocco's central role in US-African relations

The head of government, Aziz Akannouch, underlined in Washington, “Morocco’s important role in relations between Africa and the United States”, highlighting the investment opportunities that exist between the two parties.

“Morocco can play an important role in the relations between Africa and the United States in terms of investment projects, the private sector and the financial sector,” Akannouch said in a statement to the press on the sidelines of his participation in the US-Africa. A summit of leaders held in the US federal capital from December 13 to 15, chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, said the government would use all means at its disposal in the matter.

He noted that Morocco, which enjoys a classic status, has important projects implemented in conjunction with the Millennium Challenge Account, noting that the most successful projects can serve as models in the world.

Mr. Aghannouch said, noting that His Majesty the King made the decision early on to conclude a free trade agreement. United Nations.

The Moroccan official noted that thanks to this agreement, Morocco was able to triple the volume of its trade with the United States.

Mr. Akhannouch recalled that it created Morocco by signing more than 1,000 agreements. He added, is a leading investor in West Africa.

The head of government noted in Marrakech the key meetings in the economic sector, including the first Bloomberg New Economy Gateway Africa in June 2023, and the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. October. next.

In this regard, he noted that these meetings will help to stimulate the interest of major investors in the transformation that Morocco is experiencing and the efforts of His Majesty the King, adding that participation in the Washington Summit is “an opportunity to reassure the United Nations that Morocco is there to support the momentum of these investments.”

The US-Africa Leaders’ Summit brought together representatives from nearly 50 countries, civil society and the private sector from the African continent, in addition to officials from the US administration and the African Union Commission.

The participants of the three-day conference discussed issues ranging from the Covid-19 pandemic to climate change, including democracy, governance, security, trade, investments and development of partnerships between countries. Africans and America.

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