An American soccer team will descend on Paris next year

An American soccer team will descend on Paris next year

The U.S. European soccer league has announced the creation of a new franchise in Paris that will play the 2023 season.

An American football team in Paris. The European League (EFL) this Friday announced the entry of six new franchises for the 2023 season, including the Paris Football Association. The team announced the news on a newly created Twitter account. “A notice says the time has come to hatch a new franchise. For pride, honor, glory.”

Formed in 2020, the European Football League played its first season in 2021, with twelve teams divided into three conferences (North, Central and South). Seven of them are German, including Frankfurt, who was crowned during the first edition. Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Rhine Fire (Dusseldorf) and Cologne were included in the large colony across the Rhine. Two Austrian teams (Innsbruck, Vienna), one Polish (Wrocław), one Spanish (Barcelona) and one Turkish (Istanbul) currently complete the cast.

It will expand with six new members in 2023, including Paris but also Zurich (Switzerland), Fehérvár (Hungary), Milan (Italy), Munich (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic). The final of the 2022 edition will take place on Sunday and will pit Hamburg Sea Devils against Vienna Vikings in Klagenfurt (Austria).

“When we sat together in the spring of 2020 and made plans for how the league could evolve in the coming years, I would never have dreamed that this picture would emerge so quickly,” said General Zeljko Karajica. The EFL, in a press release on the company’s website, said the sport is inspiring more people in Europe, and European football leagues are fueling growing interest. With Paris, Prague, Milan, Zurich or Munich, we add metropolises. Make our product more attractive.”

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