Heading for a new range of wall mounted TVs?

Heading for a new range of wall mounted TVs?

LG will produce a new range of televisions: the M series. It takes the strengths of the G series, but is the equivalent of Samsung’s One Connect box.

97″ LG G2 OLED TV // Source: LG

The CES 2023 Fast approaching! The Las Vegas show is back, and with it, its share of all kinds of announcements. For example, we already know Nvidia plans to release its next graphics card thereBut there are many new features to expect from LG.

New LG TVs

The American High Mass is usually the scene of the announcement of new models of LG televisions. Among others, we’ve spotted the G and C series, the brand’s spearheads and this year The LG G3 is already very promising. According to AV CaesarHowever we can expect an additional surprise during this edition.

Specialized media reports about the presence of a new range from the Korean manufacturer: the M series. It will be available in 2023 in three versions: LG OLED 77M3, LG OLED 83M3 and LG OLED 97M3, with three screens with a diagonal of 77 inches (195 cm), 83 inches (210 cm) and 97 inches (246 cm).

A competitor to Samsung One Connect

According to AVCesar, the special feature of this new range is the presence of a remote connector in the wireless box. It allows, like A link box Some Samsung TV models have a feature that greatly reduces the number of cables that run through the trunking when hanging the TV on the wall. Since part of the electronics is in an external box, this usually makes it possible to refine the television.

However, the design here should be similar to that of the LG G3. But beware: the M3 should not take advantage of the main innovation of the G3! Unlike the latter, the LG M3 lacks MLA technology (Micro lens array) allowing it to push its luminosity. However, rumors suggest that this innovation will be limited to 55, 65 and 77-inch models on the LG G3. 83 and 97 inch models are identical from one range to another.

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