Mercedes invests one billion euros in Poland

Mercedes invests one billion euros in Poland

The German manufacturer announced on Monday, December 12, that it will build a factory to make electric vans in Poland, but without the partnership with American start-up Rivian, as initially planned.

German premium car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz On Monday, December 12, it announced the construction of a factory to make electric vans in Poland, but without a partnership with US start-up Rivian, as initially planned. The group has already been producing combustion engines in Zawor, southwestern Poland, since 2019 and batteries since 2021.

We will build our world’s first all-electric factory in Jhawar, flexibly manufacturing both combustion and electric vans on a single line at all our existing factories.“The president of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Matthias Giessen, said in a press release. This Polish factory represents an investment of one billion euros over the next few years, he told a press conference in Warsaw.

A new 100% electric van architecture

The amount will be earmarked to build a new 100% electric van architecture, the press release said. Mercedes-Benz, born from a division of Daimler as Mercedes-Benz on the one hand and Daimler Trucks on the other, has been producing electric vans since 2010 and currently offers four models. At the same time, the German manufacturer announced in September that it was abandoning a collaboration with American Rivian aimed at producing electric vans in Europe.

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This program “Abandoned by Rivian due to re-prioritisation of young company“, the production of which started only a year ago. “When evaluating growth opportunities, we aim for the best return on risk-adjusted capital“, Rivian explained in a separate statement.

At this time, we believe that focusing on our consumer businesses, along with our existing commercial businesses, represents the most attractive near-term opportunity to grow Rivian’s value.“, continues the startup. The company has been plagued by spare parts supply issues and record losses that have weighed on its results in recent months.

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