What happens when the moon disappears?

On a day-to-day basis, we don’t realize that the moon is essential to us. If it were to suddenly disappear from the sky, the consequences would be first embarrassing for humanity, then dramatic.

the moon So familiar, yet we never tire of it Don’t even notice it, nor explore it. Earth’s natural satellite is the brightest star in our night sky. If the moon suddenly disappears, we will miss its brightness. But the problem will be more worrisome because the Moon is important to us the planetSo for humanity.

At first, we might not miss the moon that much

If the moon suddenly disappears like in a sci-fi movie, our nights won’t just be dark, our world will change drastically – even if it’s hard to see the difference at first. », According to Institute of Physics. This association promotes physics in the United Kingdom. After the moon has waned, the effects will be less.

However, we soon realize the important role of the moon in our daily lives. We will not be the only ones lost Lunar eclipses. Of course the night sky would be dark without it and it would make observations Telescope It’s still good. The Moon is very bright, 14,000 times brighter than Venus. It therefore interferes with observations, for example, during swarmsComets. Without the moon, the sky would be very dark throughout the year.

But the damage to wildlife will soon be felt, especially in marine environments. Corals and crabs are disturbed by the absence of the moon, as they can usually sense its glow during some of its phases. Thanks to this light returned by the moon, they specifically begin to reproduce. Without moonlight, we don’t know how they would do.

Without the moon, what would happen to the tides?

Yet at sea level, the absence of the moon directly affects the occurrence of tides. They will become very weak. Because waves never disappear completely the sun Plays a role in this phenomenon (though, less important than the Moon). Tides, as they are today, are essential to many living things. Some fish lay their eggs in the sand and hatch. This whole clever system would no longer make sense without waves.

Not only does the lack of tides prevent people from surfing (rising waves contribute to the creation of waves that break and push water towards the beach). This can be a compromise for fishing, as some animals move with the movements of the tides.

The moon is indeed essential to us.  // Source: Canva
The moon is indeed essential to us. // Source: Canva

The immediate effects of Moon eclipse are harmful, but not insurmountable. However, the worst consequences were yet to come. They will be shown much later. Earth’s habitat is at risk.

For a long time, the Earth would be upside down without the Moon

Loss of Moon will cause disorder Rotation of our planet. You should know that the Earth’s axis of rotation is tilted by 23.4° with respect to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. But, in addition, this axis of rotation experiences an oscillation (weak, barely 2.4°). It’s like a spinning top. This oscillation is very slow in the Earth’s rotational cycle, a rhythm that spans over 26,000 years. But, if there is no moon, this oscillation will not stabilize. It takes on serious proportions.

Conclusion: The Seasons No longer, day and night have a fixed length throughout the year. Worse yet, the Earth can sometimes completely flip on its side Uranus is very tilted in its orbit around the sun. It is hotter at the poles and colder at the equator.

So it is very good news to know that the moon is not going to disappear. Admittedly, we know that the satellite is moving away from the EarthA little less than 4 cm Every year. However, she probably won’t Don’t leave us. It is estimated that at the current rate the Moon will stop moving away from the Earth in about 15 billion years. Apart from that Sun should swallow the planets Very internal The Solar System A long time ago, around 6 to 7 billion years.

The good news: So the Moon won’t escape Earth. Before that happens our planet will burn up anyway. good

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