Tesla’s Chinese director has been named head of the US Gigafactory

Tesla's Chinese director has been named head of the US Gigafactory

Tom Zhu XiaotongDirector You are here china, will be loaded To ensure operations of the American Gigafactory, Opening in April 2022 at Austin, TX. The industrial complex, whose production capacity is estimated at 500,000 electric vehicles, is currently in production Tesla YS and will soon produce other models including Tesla Cyber ​​Trucks.

Tom Zhu, President of Made in Tesla

Tom Zhu’s appointment comes as no surprise and is part of a continuation of his meteoric rise within the company created by Elon Musk. Hired in 2014 To ensure monitoring of the network SuperchargerThe Chinese engineer later joined the management team of the Shanghai Gigafactory, which has become Tesla’s main manufacturing and export hub.

The key to success is exporting the “Giga Shanghai” model?

Ground discharge In December 2019, “Giga Shanghai” It celebrated its millionth car production in August 2022, more than a third of all Teslas ever produced. So the experience gained by Tom Zhu will be used to improve production at the Texas site, which is set to be built. One of the key points of Tesla’s manufacturing infrastructure.

however, Key differences It has a cultural, economic and legal nature between the US and China. So replication of the successful model of the Chinese factory must be demonstrated. In addition, the Austin production site is already facing Financial difficulties And Allegations of labor violations.

Elon Musk’s potential successor

Unconfirmed rumors by Tesla claim that Tom Zhu will soon succeed Elon Musk as the company’s CEO. According to PingNews, a Chinese media outlet specializing in technology, the Chinese director He will be in charge of Vehicle Branch, technology initiatives related to autonomous driving and robotics will be Elon Musk’s forte. This nomination includes Supervision of all Gigafactoriesspread across three continents.

This information, from anonymous sources, corroborates recent confessions James Murdoch, a member of Tesla’s board of directors. The latter declared during a trialElon Musk was actively looking for a replacementIn Tough economic environment For Tesla.

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