BitWave Raises $15 Million For Crypto Tax Platform

BitWave Raises $15 Million For Crypto Tax Platform

Taxes and Accounting 3.0 – BitWave is an American company that provides tax and accounting services to crypto companies. The company was closed a Fundraising round This will allow him to launch his new product.

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BitWave and Crypto Business Accounting: Advanced Features for Enterprises

Bitwave Raised $15 million A Series A funding round, led by VC Hack And Blockchain CapitalAnd it saw the participation of venture capitalists Signalfire Where Veeram Equity Partners.

These funds Will serve to publish BitWave Company. The product should help companies holding, trading or using their cryptocurrencies to improve their tax management, accounting, auditing and reporting process.

BitWave Institutional uses the company’s existing platform. However, it is provided Improved features Similar to separate balance sheet tracking.

BitWave was founded in 2018 and is based in San Francisco. His client portfolio consists of over 30 crypto companies OpenSea, Composite and Polygon.

BitWave closes another round of funding to develop its offering, this time in developing countries. Tax structure specific to cryptocurrenciesTo fill the public coffers using the rise of web3.

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