Scandal of Dubai trip in Walloon Parliament: “It’s scandalous, what’s going on”

Scandal of Dubai trip in Walloon Parliament: "It's scandalous, what's going on"

The Clerk of the Walloon Parliament is in the center Scandal after revealing his extraordinarily high traveling and travel expenses. Le Soir newspaper reveals that Frédéric Janssens sometimes accompanied Jean-Claude Marcourt, the Speaker of Parliament, when he visited Dubai. The trip cost the Walloons almost €19,000. “What is happening is ridiculous“, Germaine Mugemangango, head of the PTB group in the Walloon parliament, fumed into Antonio Salimando’s microphone.

Walloon households are likely to face more difficulties in relation to energy bills and purchasing power. Meanwhile, Monsieur Marcourt is going on a trip to Dubai at 19,000. This is obviously a real scam.“, he adds. Germaine Mugemangango makes it a “The culture of privilege in a certain part of the Walloon political class must end“.”Not just a man to blow (Jean-Claude Marcourt, editor’s note)It’s a culture that absolutely needs to change“, referring to the PTB Group Chairman.

The politician points to the lack of transparency in organized travel: “Who determines these tasks? An office with secret meetings decides the budget and here, for Dubai, a luxury budget“, laments Jermaine Mugemangango.

A number of steps have been taken in this direction. A Standing Committee of Accounts will be set up with the help of the Court of Auditors. A move hailed by the PTB: “The majority proposes a commission, and that is fine. We voted for it and supported it. It took 40 years for the majority to act, but now this commission, we are acting to control the spending of Parliament.“, the guest rejoices.

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