Sega is moving its American subsidiary’s headquarters

Sega of America s'installe dans un nouveau quartier général avec Atlus USA.

A new workspace of 2945 m² accommodates Sega of America and Atlus USA.

While the Sega and Atlas USA campuses are already located in Irvine, the new California headquarters will be located in the Innovation Office Park business district. Now merging the teams of the two companies. Its function is to facilitate on-site collaboration, creative thinking and media outreach opportunities for employees working in the US subsidiary. Sega. With an indoor-outdoor setting, spacious meeting spaces for spontaneous conversations, and colorful visual signage, the space inspires creativity.

Grand opening for Sega of America’s new headquarters

Sega of America held an opening ceremony to welcome Sega of America and Atlus USA employees. Shuji Utsumi and the iconic blue hedgehog Sonic make appearances. In addition to providing food MusicSeveral stands are allowed to play with the Japanese publisher’s old classics.

Shuji Utsumi, Co-CEO of Sega Corporation and CEO of Sega of America:

The opening of Sega’s new US headquarters in Irvine represents a new era for one of gaming’s most prestigious brands. We are very proud to present this new Space Incredible collaboration and creativity for the Sega of America family. Since the company was founded in 1960, Sega has fostered a sense of quality, fun and ingenuity in all of its work. This new location helps foster an exciting, team-oriented culture to reinforce that mission and create new stories and worlds that will delight players for generations.

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