A mid-tower case with a wooden front

A mid-tower case with a wooden front

The Swedish company offers a front covering of oak or walnut slats; A more original approach than ARGB’s one-upmanship. For the rest, the characteristics are more stable.

Fractal Design is releasing its latest line of cases for high-end desktop and mid-tower PCs, called the Fractal Design North. There are no glowing RGB effects to be noticed here, but rather the use of wood for the slats on the front, in this case walnut or oak.

© Fractal Design

Apart from the use of wood, you can see in the visuals that this fractal design is quite typical of North Case. Rectangular in shape, it has dimensions of 447 x 215 x 469 mm. The version with the mesh side panel weighs 7.6 kg and the one with the tempered glass side panel is 100 grams more. The chassis accepts ATX / mATX / Mini-ITX motherboards. The length of the GPU should not exceed 300 mm, with a 360 mm radiator installed at the front, otherwise 355 mm. For the cooler, the height clearance is 145mm or 170mm depending on the presence of the fan. For fans, the mesh case can accommodate a total of 8 120mm or 6 140mm models, while the DG case (Toughened glass) reduces these quantities to 6 and 4 respectively.

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All specifications

As you will see with the tech sheets below, there are many differences between the Fractal Design North mesh and DG, especially in terms of cooling. Front connectors in all cases include a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, a pair of USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks.

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Figure 2: Fractal design North: A mid-tower enclosure with a tree front
© Fractal Design
Figure 3: Fractal design North: Middle tower enclosure with tree frontage
© Fractal Design

The Swedish company offers this case in different colors: all white, white and gray, all black, black and gray. This box Fractal Design North Now available from French retailers, for example LDLC. Prices start at 190 euros.

Figure 4: Fractal design North: A mid-tower enclosure with a tree front
© Fractal Design

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