The French Nobel Prize in Physics is concerned about “speech against science”.

The French Nobel Prize in Physics is concerned about "speech against science".

French physicist Aline featureThe co-winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics expressed concern on Wednesday about the upsurge in a speech he said “Anti-science“, I beg you”Science is not the enemy of the planet“In the Face of Trials”Back to normal“.

In an interview with AFP ahead of the presentation of his Nobel prize in Stockholm on Saturday, the expert in quantum physics explained that he wanted to use his award as a “Megaphone“in”In favor of science“.

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“Science is not the enemy of the planet”

I try to use it in support of science, for example I try to explain that science is not the enemy of the planet, but that the concern of saving the planet is that they will get there by doing science and relying on science.said the 75-year-old professor.

There are some activist groups that seem to me to be on the wrong track by saying that if the planet is going bad it’s science’s fault.“, rated by the faculty of the Polytechnic and the University of Paris-Saclay. “I think what people do in science is wrong. Science itself does not exist. If we don’t understand the science, we can’t solve the problem“, he continued.

Not wanting to specifically cite groups, the French Nobel condemned “An anti-scientific speechIt is in saying “this”.It would be great to get back to normal“. According to him, the speech will be forgottenBefore the development of science, before the invention of antibiotics, machines to ease human pain, the condition of mankind was much worse than it is today.“.

Announced in early October, the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Alain Aspecht along with American John Glaser and Austrian Anton Zeilinger. Three of the Septuaginarians are rewarded for their discoveries “Quantum entanglementยป, a phenomenon in which two quantum particles are perfectly entangled with each other, regardless of the distance between them.

Even Albert Einstein, who won the Nobel Prize 100 years ago this year, did not believe this phenomenon was possible. The Nobel Prize ceremony takes place on Saturday in Stockholm and Oslo, the home of the Peace Prize.

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