Smiley: A comforting comedy to discover exclusively on Netflix

Smiley: A comforting comedy to discover exclusively on Netflix

It’s the age of romantic comedies, so Netflix is ​​bending over backwards to meet the expectations of millions of subscribers around the world. then” I hate Christmas “, it’s time Smileys, An original Spanish work To make its arrival on the streaming platform with a red logo.

Smiley depicts the daily life of two young people People who seek true love and follow disappointments in love. After being “ghosted” by one of her hits, Alex meets Bruno, but with two diametrically opposed personalities, the chances of this relationship succeeding are close to zero… or not.

Smiley on Netflix: The romantic comedy you can’t miss

Smiley’s two heroes experience an inexplicable attraction But they can’t stand each other’s personality so is this relationship doomed? Not if the trailer for season 1 is to be believed.

Alex is a blue flower intellectual Whereas Bruno likes to frequent multiple sports arenas and continue winning. finally, Smiley’s two protagonists They manage to get closer and closer every time they spend together… It’s not a Christmas romantic comedy, but with a little snow and some light decorations, it would most likely be classified in this category…

Watch the Smiley trailer on Netflix

Many subscribers of the American company have already watched too much of this new original Spanish work, which will take you a few hours into the life of Bruno and Alex.

What is the release date of Smiley Season 1 on Netflix?

All eight episodes of Smiley were released on Netflix on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. The release time for all other original works is set at 9:01 am. The series has been translated into several languages, suggesting a possible sequel if audiences tune in to the American company’s expectations.

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