Amazon France has incorporated “abuse” clauses into its contracts

Amazon France has incorporated "abuse" clauses into its contracts

Suppression of Fraud (DGCCRF) to announce a fine of 3.3 million euros againstAmazon UKAccording to the daily, it allowed for “unfair” clauses in contracts with merchants selling products on its platform. Echoes. Asked by AFP on Tuesday evening, the DGCCRF was yet to confirm the information. A spokesperson for Amazon France acknowledged that the company was subject to a “penalty” for its part, but declined to disclose the exact amount.

The DGCCRF announced in mid-April that it would sanction the e-commerce company with a fine of 90,000 euros per day due to “unbalanced and incompatible clauses in contracts with third-party sellers of the platform”.

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According to echoes, The Fraud In particular, the US company is criticized for “modifying or terminating the contract without notice” and prohibiting third-party merchants from “prospecting with customers they have won through”. In the spring, the DGCCRF ordered the platform to comply with European regulations “promoting fairness and transparency for companies using online intermediary services.”

Amazon disagrees with DGCCRF

An injunction that was slow to implement, according to Amazon Echoes, so this fine is 3.3 million euros. “We are being fined a few weeks after March 22 when the DGCCRF unilaterally deemed that we were not complying with the ban,” notes someone at Amazon France.

“The DGCCRF approved in May that the changes we made in April were compliant with its ban,” said the same source. “However, we do not agree with the DGCCRF with its decisions, its decisions and the associated fines, and we are challenging each of them before the courts,” concludes a spokesperson for Amazon France.

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In 2019, the Paris Commercial Court, seized by a crackdown on fraud, fined Amazon 4 million euros for “manifestly unbalanced” contract terms for companies using its platform.

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