The Sahrawis avoid the dead Congress of the Polisario wave

The Sahrawis avoid the dead Congress of the Polisario wave
By Hassan Benadot On 04/12/2022 at 22:54


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Kiosk360. Isolated Sahrawis in Tindouf largely boycotted preparatory seminars for the Polisario congress. It received a stern warning from the Algerian intelligence services for its administration. This article is a press review of the Asaba newspaper.

Since its creation in 1973, the Polisario has maintained the lie that it is the sole legitimate representative of the Sahrawis, aided by its Algerian godfather and thugs like South Africa.

Daily Asaba In its edition on Monday, December 5, it said that the police have taken several actions to support this lie and that the People’s Congress jokes under their leadership. Festivals of the past Soviet era, arguably, succeeded in deceiving some part of the population of Tintouf camps. But as time passed, the awareness of isolated citizens gradually expanded and these conferences could not maintain internal unity.

These forums have become rings of tribal conflict and the blessing of the Algerian security apparatus. Instead of being stages of evaluation and self-criticism, these conferences have become “slave markets” where dignities are sold and considerable sums are spent. It should be noted that some of the money comes from humanitarian aid provided by international organizations and is intended for the population of the camps. In 2019 a company run by a relative of a general monopolized two million euros in aid going into the pockets of Algerian caterers.

Daily Asaba Both Algeria and the Polisario stress that this year’s Congress is taking place amid “terrible” internal conditions experienced by both countries. Indeed, the tremors experienced by the Algerian army and the wave of arrests that affected many general friends of the Polisario leaders in this institution directly affected Rabouni’s political map. Apart from a few “fashion shows” by criminal Brahim Khali in some country in the South African backyard, that’s what we’ve seen recently as the Polisario has disappeared from the scene.

We see a lethargy in this conference where most of the camp dwellers ignored the preparatory conferences in the face of the intensity of the pressure exerted on them by the Algerian army. Polissarian media tried to downplay the extent of this boycott without convincing anyone, including their Algerian patron.

This is what pushed the military junta to intervene to reshape the Polisario leadership

Also, the Algerian intelligence services have decided not to send any Algerian media to the Tintouf camps, which include preparatory seminars for the Congress, due to the low level of participation. They called on the Polisario leadership not to broadcast photos and footage of the empty rooms, as it would undermine the legitimacy of their already strongly eroded representation.

By Hassan Benadot

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