The “disappointing” status of the vaccine worries Covars’ chief

Vaccination contre le Covid-19 (illustration)

“It’s very sad that the French don’t vaccinate or don’t vaccinate enough”The head of Covars, the organization that replaced the Science Council, expressed regret. In an interview with a Sunday newspaper
. “We have the same problem with flu: There is a Low dose vaccine This year compared to previous years. “The French must defend themselves.”Brigitte Autran insists.

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According to health officials, two million people have had it Booster shot A recall campaign against Covid-19 was launched on October 3 by bivalent vaccines. Among them, 1.8 million people were given such vaccines, which target the original strain of the coronavirus and the Omicron strain.

To return the mask and ban gestures

Faced with a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, “We’re listening Reinforcing the wearing of masks, as well Prohibition gestures and vaccination”Brigitte Audron made the appeal when Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne was launched this week “substantial appeal” Wearing a mask in closed spaces, especially on public transport.

“Returning the mandatory face mask is a political decision that is not up to us to decide. But we have to move towards it. Wear a mask whenever possible In closed spaces, There is significant adultery there.”, explains the Covars president. Power will also give “Full Review” Regarding the pandemic situation over the weekend or early next week.

Caregivers must “vaccinate”

Finally on the controversial issue Reintegration of non-vaccinated caregiversCovars stuck to its position: “It’s a political decision, but we think caregivers should be vaccinated. It’s a question of responsibility. The caregiver’s responsibility toward patients is to protect them and protect themselves.“, emphasizes Brigitte Autron.

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