Artificial intelligence can diagnose flatulence

Artificial intelligence can diagnose flatulence

According to researchers, diseases such as colon cancer can cause distinctive sounds as a result of changes in the urethra and rectum.

Today, many startups are using artificial intelligence to detect cancer as early as possible. Researchers want to go even further, they have created an artificial intelligence that is capable of listening to cancer … flatulence.

To achieve this, the scientists listened to audio tapes of recorded toilet noises for several hours. Once the sound is taken, artificial intelligence can detect the presence of certain cancers thanks to a large database. In fact, the device can detect subtle changes in the sound emitted during urination, defecation and flatulence.

Warn patients

It has been revealed that Daily Mail, The researchers created a database with hours of audio and video samples to establish a baseline and bootstrap the machine learning algorithm. “We’re trying to find a non-invasive way to get notification of whether or not they need to be checked. It’s like, ‘Hey, your urine isn’t coming out as fast as it should. Your sores don’t sound. They should. You need to see it,'” said the Georgia Tech University principal. says researcher David Ankale, who helped develop the device.

How to explain the connection? “Changes in pathways such as the urethra and rectum can be caused by conditions such as colon cancer, which can cause very subtle changes in the way sound travels through the body,” reports the Daily Mail. The device can also detect the presence of diseases that affect intestinal transit, such as cholera. To help developing countries, scientists want to provide a device at a higher cost.

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