Once Upon A Time National 1 Season 2: Is A Sequel Still Possible?

Once Upon A Time National 1 Season 2: Is A Sequel Still Possible?

New original Polish creation Very classy but pleasant to watch. The six episodes that make up the first season are strung together in just a few hours, and at the end our heroes do very well… Obviously it would have been nice if they could have kept the money, but at least they were safe and sound!

The door remains open to a possible Season 2 at Once National 1 But is this true? After all, our heroes have to make the return trip, and they can take on new passengers to reduce the cost of the trip!

We reveal all the information we have on “Once Upon a Time on the National 1” (Netflix) Season 2 release date.

Once Upon a Time National 1 is yet to be renewed for Season 2 And Netflix hasn’t made any announcements about a possible sequel. The two creators of the series (Grzegorz Jaroszuk and Jakub Piatek) are more experienced in directing short films. This is their first time working on a series.

To be honest with you, we don’t think so Netflix to Order Season 2 of “Once Upon a Time on National 1”. It is not mainstream fiction and although some Polish series are very popular on Netflix (sexify, flood …), this innovation lacked the capabilities of its predecessors.

Obviously this is our opinion and fiction can achieve better ratings on Netflix. We invite you to follow the evolution of the ranking of the most watched series in France (on the Netflix homepage), and if you see a new Polish series appearing, it may have a chance Netflix Agrees to Produce Season 2 of “Once Upon a Time on National 1”.

Once Upon A Nation 1 Season 2: Trailer Coming Soon?

No sequel is currently planned by the American company, ie Trailer for Season 2 of Once Upon a Time in the National 1 Not ready to stage. If the series pulls off the impossible and gets a sequel, the premiere will be released late next year.

What is the release date of “Once Upon a Time on National 1” season 2 on Netflix?

Let’s say the original build convinces subscribers of a red-logo streaming site. The release date of season 2 on Once National 1 is not scheduled before November or December 2023. A waiting year is a reasonable amount of time between two seasons of a miniseries that does not require significant resources to produce. While we wait to learn more about the future of fiction, get to know it Wednesday hit a new ratings record on Netflix !

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