Kano wants to seduce US military with LTV

Kano wants to seduce US military with LTV

After announcing a series of partnerships for the design of delivery vans, Canoe Now looking to impress the US military with a version LTV (Light tactical vehicle)

Canoo has yet to officially launch its exports Commercial vans She wants to go even further by trying to seduce the US military. Canoo announces today that it has delivered the first prototype LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) to the Army’s Analysis and Demonstrations Department. Following the bid agreement received last July, Canoo quickly responded to the company’s requests. Once the Canoo LTV is in its possession, the Army will conduct several tests to determine if it has the necessary qualities to integrate into the U.S. Army’s deployment of military vehicles.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Delivery AR OK 12
Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Delivery

Although it is a vehicle with a military vocation, one immediately recognizes the LTV as a derivative of other models. The cockpit remains intact throughout. We note that it is designed to provide excellent ergonomics while having unparalleled external visibility. In this case, Canoo maintains that it is reinforced with aramid fiber, without specifying the strategic places of its use. It is argued that this provides better protection for the occupants and the battery. However, the company claims that there is no added weight.

One of the advantages of the Canoo platform is the diversity of configuration possibilities. We already know vans, commercial vans and pickup trucks. As for the LTV, it is, for now, an evolution of the van. However, Canoo promises that the structure can be converted into a van platform and the rear area can be covered to transport goods protected from the weather or prying eyes. The prototype even comes with stringers and access ramps to the bed. Canoo wants to demonstrate that their LTV can be configured very easily according to the mission.

Canoe Pickup Truck Outdoor Snow 8
Canoe pickup truck

To enhance those capabilities over rough terrain, this Canoo comes with raised air suspensions that increase the height of the ground clearance. In addition, for maximum traction with the help of all-wheel drive, whose combined power is at the peak of 600 horsepower, we choose 32-inch tires.

For Tony Aquila, President and CEO of Canoo, LTV represents a defining moment for the company: “LTV is another milestone that demonstrates the power of our technology and how it can be used in tactical situations. This is a winning algorithm for our customers and our business. »

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