An American is taking the brand to court after finding its pasta’s cooking time too long

An American is taking the brand to court after finding its pasta's cooking time too long

What was a detail became a story for Florida resident Amanda Ramirez.

In fact, as reported by the American media NPRWhile the package of Velveeta Shells & Cheese Macaroni accurately stated “Ready in 30 Minutes,” the American noticed that he couldn’t cook his meal in the allotted time.

It would have undergone several tests before being carried. And the anger that was bubbling up inside her finally got the better of her.

A loyal customer of the brand, the disappointed consumer decided to sue Kraft Heinz for false advertising.

$5 million in damages

She confirms that: “As the label says, the product cannot be ready in just 210 seconds after removing the lid and bag of cheese, adding water, stirring, and microwaving for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.”.

“I can hear that many may think this is not a serious matter. But this case is more important than it seems. We want businesses on our continent to be honest and fair in promoting their products”Will Wright, one of Florida’s attorneys, explained.

The amount sought is also significant as the action, which has been joined by consumers from several US states, aims to seek more than $5 million in damages. This is to restore the confidence of the buyers.

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