Krispy Kreme was replaced by “Krunchy Dream” in Russia

Krispy Kreme was replaced by "Krunchy Dream" in Russia

Krispy Kreme donuts are now offered in Russia by a new Russian brand, Krunchy Dream.

The new donut chain is owned by Arkady Novikov, owner of the Novikov Group, the former owner of Krispy Kreme in Russia. According to the New York Post on Tuesday, Mr. Novikov reportedly received approval from Russian regulators.

Recall that the American company stopped operating 30 of its stores in Russia due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Last April, Krispy Kreme said it had stopped importing ingredients and materials to make its donuts and terminated its franchise agreement.

Other major Western brands that went out of business after the arrival of Russian armed forces in Ukraine last February have been replaced by Russian companies. McDonald’s has re-emerged in Russia as Starbucks coffees replaced by Vkusno & tochka or Stars Coffee restaurants.

These businesses have the same visual identity as the previous owners, and most serve similar menus because they use the same ingredients and equipment.

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