“England in powerlessness… because there is no wind!! “. Edited by Charles Channott

“England in powerlessness... because there is no wind!!  ". Edited by Charles Channott

My dear wretched, dear innocents,

Energy is a complex thing and it doesn’t fit with ideology. In this case, nothing beats pragmatism and physical science.

The problem with renewable energies is that, as beautiful as they are, they are interminable.

While it’s intermittent, it’s not permanent, and you can put up wind turbines, and when there’s no wind it gives you a good morning. Whether you have 100 wind turbines or 1 million, when the eolian doesn’t blow, the windmills don’t turn. Therefore intermittency cannot be resisted by the size of wind turbines.

It also works with solar panels. Dark is dark. And by adding you can’t face the gap of solar panels that don’t produce at night.

We can save intermittently generated electricity by producing, for example, storable “green” hydrogen rather than batteries (environmental mismanagement). But we do not think of this system now. That may change, but it hasn’t.

The effect was visible and worrisome on the part of English neighbours.

Their wind farm, the equivalent of 14 nuclear power plants, no longer produces anything.



Because now there is no wind.

As a result, it was France that exported electricity to London and the new king’s kingdom to avoid blackouts for the British.

Therefore, nuclear power is inevitable in the era we are entering, which is an energy shortage, while our entire system is based on this idea of ​​abundant and cheap energy. Our organization loves our convenience.

We’re not ready, we’re not making the right choices, because there’s nothing to discuss.

The climate has become a religion, with its high priests and its exorcisms, not to mention executions in the cathodic space at times.

The electric car has become a religion.

How about charging millions of electric vehicles with windless wind farms!

It’s not all serious, and not serious, doesn’t work, or worse, or… in between.

However, everything should certainly not be thrown away, we can always reuse what we have made, but it is time to think differently about our necessary energy revolution that will inevitably radically change our way of life.

We already lived without energy. This was before the industrial revolution.

No city has more than a million inhabitants.

There was only a short circuit.

Everything is used so there is not much waste.

We were already green.

We’ll change again, but it’s best to choose how we’re going to do it and agree on what to increase and what to decrease.

An unhappy fall is by no means inevitable.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Brace yourselves!

Charles Channott

“Insolentiae” means “impossible” in Latin.
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