Social network TikTok has been pinned by Arcom for its opacity

Social network TikTok has been pinned by Arcom for its opacity

However, “in general”, the French regulator “observes an improvement in the amount of information communicated” by sites in the fight against disinformation.

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The French General Commission for the Regulation of Audiovisual and Digital Communication (RCom) called on social networks for more effort and transparency in the fight against false information, Monday, November 28. This phenomenon has particularly affected TikTok, which must continue. “Expedited to fulfill its obligations”.

For the third year in a row, ten platforms such as Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Snapchat and Twitter responded to Arcam’s questions about measures taken against fake news. They are obliged to do so by the law against manipulation of information adopted at the end of 2018, the regulator recalled in a statement published on Monday. “Generally”Arkham “Quantity of reported information sees improvement” And a “Intensification” Its cooperation with sites. But “Transparency efforts are still insufficient”.

A “notably inaccurate” statement

“TikTok is a Special Case”, underlined Arcam member Benoit Luttrell during a press conference. Even if submitted for the first year “In this diet”There is a Chinese social network “Incredibly took off at lightning speed”, especially among young people, he said. So A “The most obvious change” Between its audience (more than 9 million unique visitors in France in September, according to Médiamétrie) and its announcement to Arcam “notably imprecise”.

TikTok specifically avoids that “Multiple core issues (steps of investigation of the report, operation of moderation tools, handling procedures detected in service, etc.)” and does not provide statistics relating to France. Arcam also emphasizes that “Selective Activation” Through the social network of its labeling policy “Government Controlled Media”The account of China Global Television Network Europe was not identified, as opposed to Ukrainian state-controlled media.

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