Royal Envoys in Africa: C. Benmousa received in Botswana

Royal Envoys in Africa: C.  Benmousa received in Botswana

“On this occasion, President Masisi was delighted with the quality of relations between the two countries and extended his congratulations to the Kingdom following the national team’s victory over Belgium at the World Cup in Qatar.”, We refer to The President also welcomedThe Kingdom’s African Policy, initiated by His Majesty the King, aims to contribute to the stability and development of the African continent. ยป

However, Botswana is one of the allies of the Polisario Front in Africa, as shown by the commitment of its diplomacy, which takes advantage of every international platform to declare its support for the positions of the separatist movement. On November 4, Botswana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lemokong Kwabe, gave proof of this during the commemoration of United Nations Day in Gaborone. “Botswana supports the Sahrawi people and their just cause of self-determination and independence” He said in a speech.

Also, the Polisario leader made an official visit to Gaborone in 2018, marked by his talks with the Botswanan president.

It should be recalled that Rabat has been successful in recent years in investing in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), a regional grouping under South African dominance to which Botswana is attached. As a result, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Eswatini, Comoros and Malawi already have consular representations in Laune and Dakla. Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced Morocco on 20 October “It will further isolate South Africa and protect its interests by all means at its disposal.”

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