Ranking of the most “flexible” companies: Apple ranks well

Now with over one hundred and fifty thousand employees, Apple is one of the largest employers on the planet. But the company has recently been suspected of limiting the possibilities offered to its teams, particularly with controversial salaries. Tortious breaches of contract Or a more restrictive back-to-office schedule. Now that the coronavirus pandemic is over, Apple is required to show up on campus at least three days a week. Tim Cook believes in this solution more than continuous telework.

And yet: according to a new publication of a site specializing in job opportunities In factApple will be in third place.”Flexible” In this world. To achieve this result, the site looked at known companies “to change“or to be changed”Depending on the situation” Faced. And will be the best at it intuitionIt is now the parent company of Mailchimp for twelve billion dollars in September 2021.

Apple is facing a crisis

In fact, all of this can be confirmed when analyzing Apple’s resistance to recent events that have disrupted international economic activity. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of apps or even inflammation, the Cupertino giant may have had a tough time navigating troubled waters. And yet: According to its latest quarterly results, the manufacturer continues Sell ​​more iPhones. It seems that appearing to those around you with a premium and brand new phone is always more important than saving your wallet.

Keep in mind that with this, Apple has managed to replace its traditional conferences held in public spaces in California with videos that can only be broadcast online. Guests recently returned to the Steve Jobs Theater, but content broadcast by the organizer is attracting a loyal following on YouTube. It does not mention attendance Services As the second major source of income for the American company.

Other companies in the loop

Before Apple, it was Google It actually ranked as the second most “flexible” company. Then Dell (fourth), Delta (fifth), Cisco Systems (sixth) or Microsoft (seventh), Booz Allen Hamilton (eighth) and Northrop Grumman (ninth).

i-nfo.fr - The official application of iPhone.fr
i-nfo.fr – The official application of iPhone.fr

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