Extraordinary Minute: Here’s Roboklet, the robot that serves you as a raclette

Extraordinary Minute: Here's Roboklet, the robot that serves you as a raclette

Emmanuel Bignot, a Swiss with a PhD in robotics, has created a robot capable of holding a wheel of cheese and serving melted slices.

The Roboclette, as its name suggests, is made up of two articulated arms whose movements are modeled after those of Eddy Bellefurt, master cheesemaker and chef of the Raclette House restaurant.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Roboclet can take into account various variables, such as the size of the wheel or its texture, in order to provide a four-star service. “This adaptability is key to enabling effective human-robot collaboration. A master cheesemaker uses a slightly different way to place raclette cheese on the plate each time. Basic learning algorithms allow the robot to integrate these nuances to recreate a meaningful gesture in a new situation,” says Idiab (formerly Perceptual Artificial). Intelligence Institute) explains Sylvain Gallinan, head of the Robotic Learning and Communication Group.

If the invention makes you smile, it perfectly illustrates the exchange of knowledge between a man and a machine. In the future it may be used for more critical or dangerous tasks. After the Rocklet robot, why not consider a robotic surgeon or robot?

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