6 Tips to Stay Safe When Traveling Alone to Study Abroad

After a successful application, you will have to travel miles to join your new institution as an international student. Due to logistics, such as expensive air tickets, most students travel alone. While traveling alone can be risky, it can also be transformational since it breeds a sense of responsibility. Traveling alone also gives you ample time to meditate and make personal goals without much distraction. However, before embarking on your solo journey, you should consider these key points.

Make Early Arrangements for Accommodation

Make arrangements for your accommodation before leaving home. You may have to take a hotel on the first day since you may not know anyone or the place. Furthermore, you need to figure out the mode of transport you will use from the airport to your accommodation. Finally, if you settle for a hotel, you should review past customer reviews to ensure the facility is safe and the services are good.

You should prioritize your security since a minor glitch can leave you stranded in a foreign nation. Settling down faster will help you catch up with class sooner and be on top of your assignments without the need to acquire a writing paper service.

Research Where You Are Going

Before hopping on a plane to start your new life, ensure you conduct extensive research about the destination, which will technically be your home for the next few years. You can read more about the history of the country you will be going to. Such knowledge may come in handy in one of your essay papers, and you may not need a college paper service since you’ll have some basic information. Conducting prior research also helps you prepare mentally for what to expect and how to adapt to the environment.

Importantly, research available accommodation on and off campus and the language used in the area you will be staying. Moreover, it would be best to learn whether there is political tension or any security threats in the country where you’ll be residing.

Avoid Night Travels

It is funny how the view of the location changes at night; sometimes, one wrong turn can take you in a completely different direction. But if you find yourself on the road at night, it is best to hail a cab since cab drivers often understand the shortcuts and other navigations of the area. Also, getting lost on your first day can leave you disoriented, and you may be off to a rough start.

Be Quick to Adapt

Adapting to a new place is difficult, especially when you do not know anyone. However, blending in with the locals as quickly as possible helps to avoid undue attention. In addition, adapting quickly can boost your concentration in class; thus, you may not need to purchase a paperwritingservice for your assignments.

Of course, it might be a tall order to learn the local language within a short period, but it is best to know at least some slang and non-verbal cues so that you do not look like an outsider. Watch out for any prohibitions or traffic patterns, and respect every monument, memorial or religious establishment. Adapting fast will make your stay smooth, and you will avoid finding yourself in awkward situations.

Protect Your Luggage

Pickpockets often have their eyes on foreigners, and they can pick them out. They target your cell phone and credit cards, and in the process, you might lose your important immigration documents, such as your passport. Therefore, you must ensure they are safe to prevent the inconveniences and anxieties of being stranded in a new country. So, always hold onto your bags, even when going to the washroom. And don’t trust anybody to watch them for you, even for a second.

Keep Your Loved Ones Updated

Updating your loved ones about every step of your journey gives them peace of mind, and they can track you in case anything happens. Give them a brief of where you will be sleeping, the activities you will be carrying out, and the exact time you will get to the school compound. If you make any changes to your schedule, ensure you let them know.


Traveling abroad for the first time raises your wanderlust spirit. But it cannot be easy, especially for students who are just leaving the nest and staying away from their loved ones for the first time. Nevertheless, once you prepare adequately, you can make your trip with confidence that nothing will go wrong. Use these hacks to make your first alone trip one for the books.

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