L’état d’esprit des Lions de l’Atlas agace le régime des capos d'Alger

The attitude of the Atlas Lions irritates the regime of the Kabos of Algiers

After the Atlas Lions’ victory over the Red Devils, the Belgian press was not at all gentle with his people, while Moroccans, Arab and Africans and even elsewhere praised the Moroccan national team for his attitude.

Apart from Algeria as an exception, one would be tempted to say that the exception does not make the rule. Yet those who care about the direction of the hair of the old regime of Algiers, Arab and African, dare not show the slightest solidarity, showing themselves deaf, dumb and blind. In a way, the “one, two, three” cake principle is effective in Algeria. So much for being dumb!

Another proverb of the day in the East of Eden was that there is no worse blind man than he who does not want to see, and no worse than he who does not want to hear. And like the deaf, the eye acts as an ear, and it is worse deaf than the hungry soul, as it is in Algeria.

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, Algeria’s official television presented only three results in four days in its evening edition, and we did not plan for you who was censored. Morocco’s rally against Belgium.

It is neither technical nor supervisory, but voluntary “without knowing its own will”. Even the demonstrations in Belgium where riot police were stopped did not watch or hear anything on television. But if our Lions are the first, they are the first to show. In Algeria, where mockingbirds aren’t killed much, two elderly muppets made in Algeria are having a field day. Otherwise, they will be six feet under and “without” shoes.

However, videos posted on social networks show several Algerians following the crowd into the cafe. A little bit everywhere in the country, some encouraged it, others it was not a choice that respected itself. But from there until Algerian TV censors the Atlas Lions 2-0 against Belgium, we can ask ourselves why the question.

Frustrated? Today we can say that Fenix ​​will not play in the 2022 World Cup and make no mistake, the fearless but shameless Algerian press has stirred up a maddening hope for the unbelievers until very recently. The press in Algeria must say that their hatred of Morocco is subject to the dictates of the aging forces in power and that they are happy to publish it.

But Morocco’s censorship of power in Algiers begins today. Information in Algeria has a different protocol than the rest of the world. She never came out of the fold of the pre-Soviet Pravda. Always locked inside. In Morocco, for example, it is forbidden even to say the colors of the sky. Algerian TV still broadcasts Tunisia and Mauritania.

We keep silent about the case of little Rayen, who accidentally fell into a well in northern Morocco and died, five days after relentless efforts by rescuers. Fate moved the entire kingdom beyond the rule of Algiers. He is not subject to any message sent or mercy once. Only the Algerian people supported the Moroccan people in this difficult ordeal and actively expressed it through social networks.

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