For 30 years, a tenant from the city of Verviers has paid… 15 euros a month in rent!

For 30 years, a tenant from the city of Verviers has paid… 15 euros a month in rent!

This is a surprising discovery in Verviers: for 30 years, a tenant in the city paid only 15 euros per month in rent!

The city has just realized this. This is a privilege given to an ex-guard. That prompted some harsh comments at City Council on Monday evening.

Derelict for 30 years

An elderly man paid only 15 euros in rent at Les Sotais, a city property. Ecologist Danny Smeets said this shows something is wrong with verveers: “I think it was Mr. Mistress who asked ‘charge included’ with a laugh. Actually, that’s true, no charge was billed. There’s been a malfunction for 30 years, not very important, but when you add it up. For other files that don’t advertise Verviers, there’s a system that doesn’t work. You say so yourself.”

It is closer to renting a scooter than renting one

Alderman Deltour agreed: past management was more problematic: “We were closer to getting an electric scooter for an hourly rent than the monthly rent of the apartment. The city was a bad landlord in this file by always not claiming, or almost never paying, the outstanding rent. This file is unfortunately based on the management of municipal property 10 in the city of Verviers. -Reveals policy followed for 15-20-30-40 years.”

The city will increase the rent of its most privileged citizen-tenant. He will now have a three-year lease and pay 400 euros per month. Ecologist Danny Smeets estimates that over thirty years, the city of Verviers has left €100,000 there.

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