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With iOS focus modes, you can display a small emoji next to the clock on your device. Here’s how.

iOS As cannot be customizedandroid, but the difference is not as much now as it used to be. Today, for example, you can customize your lock screen, change the icons of your apps and add a small digital animal to the dynamic island. If you’re looking for another little personalization tip, here’s one: You can add an emoji to the menu bar next to the time.

For this, it is necessary to use a small drawback Focus feature From Apple, like Here is the picture Content creator is techhackguy on TikTok. As you may already know, Concentration lets you create custom “Do Not Disturb” modes that block specific apps and notifications at specific times of the day. For example, you can create a work focus mode that blocks incoming notifications from apps or contacts that aren’t relevant to your work and removes home screen pages that contain unnecessary apps while you work.

One of the cool features is assigning an emoji to each mode. For example, you can choose a bed emoji for sleep concentration mode, a briefcase for work mode, and a smiley for personal mode. This emoji will appear in the top left corner of your screen. iPhoneVisually lets you know you’re in focus mode and specifically what position you’re in.

Here’s the tip of the day: You can set a focus mode that doesn’t block any notifications or apps. It does nothing but add a little emoji next to your phone’s clock. This is completely unnecessary, but it will allow you to customize your device.

To set your emoji, go to Settings > Focus, tap the + in the top-right corner, then select Customize. Give it a name, choose a color (this doesn’t affect the emoji displayed) and finally choose your emoji. Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for the 47 emoji provided by Apple. Tap the one you want and tap “Next”.

Tap “Custom Focus” and voila. To make the emoji appear, go to Control Center and hold focus. Choose your new focus and you’ll see your emoji next to the clock. Concentration mode does not block any notifications or apps, so you can use your device as usual.

By default, concentrations are synced with all compatible Apple devices, so you should see this emoji Your iPad And the Mac is connected. If you don’t want such behavior, you can turn off “Position sharing between devices” in the main focus settings page. Be careful though, by doing so, your other devices won’t automatically start this focus mode until you turn sharing back on. You may want to disable the focus state for this focus. Otherwise, you’ll be telling your friends that you’ve blocked notifications, which isn’t (necessarily) the case here.

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