He has introduced a companion bill against recruitment of ex-servicemen by foreign companies.

He has introduced a companion bill against recruitment of ex-servicemen by foreign companies.

On Nov. 7, former U.S. Army helicopter pilot Shabur Moinian was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for selling information about U.S.-designed aircraft to Chinese intelligence officials.-United This is while working for US defense contractors.

This former pilot was “responsible for selling US technology and intellectual property to China. This crime was committed by a former member of the US military who chose money over his business and his country.” Justified Advocate General during the trial.

This case is more classic… on the other hand, the recruitment of ex-Western military pilots by the People’s Liberation Army [APL] is less. While Shapoor Moinian was on trial in San Diego, the former US Marine Corps airman [USMC] Daniel Edmond Duggan has been waiting for his fate to be resolved before an Australian judge decides whether to extradite him to the United States. In fact, he was accused of putting his skills and experience in the service of China.

According to Reuters Agency, for a time, this former AV-8 Harrier II pilot will be attached to South Africa’s Test Flying Academy. [TFASA]who worked for Load Technologies, then headed by Chinese businessman Chu Bin. However, he was arrested in Canada in 2014 and convicted in the US of computer espionage related to the design of a US military aircraft.

However, at the end of October, London announced an end to the recruitment of former British Armed Forces pilots to… China. According to the press across the Channel, Beijing has hired around thirty ex-military pilots as instructors, paying them a very attractive salary of around 240,000 pounds sterling a year. And, obviously, TFASA would have acted as an intermediary in this organization.

The PLA is looking for “Western pilots with extensive experience to help improve the tactics and capabilities of its air force.” Those who accept such work are contributing to the development of China’s military knowledge and capabilities,” a British official said at the time. Both Australia and Canada, alarmed by the incident, have launched investigations.

As for France, former military pilots, especially those from the National Navy, have been approached by China, as revealed by the specialized site Intelligence On Line and the daily “Le Figaro”. [mais aussi un vidéo ayant circulé sur les réseaux sociaux, ndlr]Arbitrariness seems to be in order… So Jean-Louis Theriot wrote a written question to the Ministry of Paramilitary Forces. [LR]November 1st.

“The press revealed that the People’s Republic of China was attracted by a South African company [Test Flying Academy of South Africa]Former western pilots, mainly British, Australian but also French, with contracts worth 20,000 euros/month for the purpose of instructing future pilots in his army”, first recalled MP.

and Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu, Directorate of External Security [DGSE] “Informed of this Chinese attack” and “are there provisions prohibiting ex-servicemen from offering their services to foreign powers and divulging secrets about the operational techniques of the armed forces”.

Mr. Theriot immediately attempted to submit a document. Legal proposal Aimed to “combat the recruitment by foreign companies of ex-servicemen of the French army”.

While France provides a valuable pool of ex-officers who have mastered catapult take-off and landing techniques, it will soon be the second largest military power. [occidentale, ndlr] Navy pilots testified that they were approached by China after the United States used electromagnetic catapult technology installed on China’s third-largest aircraft carrier, the Fujian. […]”It is urgent to put in place a plan to combat the recruitment of ex-servicemen of our armed forces by foreign companies and the consequent transfer of sensitive skills,” explained the explanatory note to the legislative proposal.

It incorporates R4139-17 of the Defense Code and proposes a provision to establish “a commission within the DGSE responsible for monitoring the duties of a foreign company or ex-servicemen of the French Army in the service of a foreign state. Specific procedure for prior authorization”.

Ordinarily, such prerogative should theoretically fall to the Directorate of Defense Intelligence and Security. [DRSD], one of its tasks is to resist foreign interference. No doubt this point will be raised when the Committee on Defense examines this bill.

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