Renault signs a major solar power deal with Voltalia

Renault signs a major solar power deal with Voltalia

A French company producing renewable electricity Voltalia announced on Thursday that it will sign with Renault Distribution Agreement Solar power For 350 MW of power, it will allow the carmaker to cover half of its electricity consumption in the long run. Voltalia considers this to be the biggest distribution deal Renewable electricity Signed in France between the electricity producer and the client company.

“The contract covers a total capacity of 350 MW, representing a production of around 500 GWh per year. Lasting for 15 years, this is an unprecedented commitment in France in terms of power,” Voltalia said in a press release.

It generates and sells electricity from this group Wind power plants, solar, hydraulic, biomass and storage. Thanks to the photovoltaic panels to be installed on Renault sites by Voltalia, the capacity available to the car manufacturer will be “100 MW from 2025” and will reach 350 MW in 2027, allowing Renault to offset up to 50%. “electricity consumption of its manufacturing operations” in France, Voltalia underlines. Renault has set itself the goal of halving Carbon emissions Its sites by 2030, compared to 2019.

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