Polisario implicated in the disappearance of Bahia Old Aba Ali

Le Polisario impliqué dans la disparition de Bahia Ould Aba Ali

Bahiya Old Ba Ali, until then the spokesman for the Sahrawi Movement for Peace, had been staying in Spain since leaving the Tintouf camps where his family members were staying.

Longingly, Bahia naively offered his resignation, hoping to gain the Polisario’s mercy. But his merciless tolerance of anyone who dared attack the chief or his entourage was unrelenting. Therefore, he decided to go to Tintouf, where he wanted to join his people in the camps of isolated Sahrawis.

To do this, the Polisario’s representative in the Mauritanian city of Surat granted him safe conduct. Aware of his journey, his family awaited his arrival at a checkpoint on the Mauritanian-Algerian border last Thursday, but uncertainty arose as it was a waste of time.

In the Tintouf camps, there were no illusions about Bahia’s fate. Some speak of kidnapping, while others call for a transfer to one of the Polisario prisons scattered across the region. No one could determine where Old Aba Ali was taken, except the militiamen who had arrested him.

Like the fate of many abductees, it is confirmed that Ol Aba Ali has been missing since he arrived at the said checkpoint last Thursday.

Ahmed El Khattab

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