Galaxy S23: Samsung may add satellite communications

Galaxy S23: Samsung may add satellite communications
Galaxy S23: Samsung may add satellite communications

The Satellite communication Will they position themselves as the new flagship of high-end smartphones? This technology was introduced by Huawei Matte 50. Apple subsequently integrated it into its new
iPhone 14. Now it’s Samsung’s turn to offer its functionality Galaxy S23 It will be released early next year.

Send text messages and low-resolution images via satellite

Note that this is not official information. He belongs to the Korean media ETNews He who received an air A collaboration between Samsung and Iridium To install satellite communication system on Galaxy S23.

For information, Iridium Communications An American company operating A constellation of 141 satellites Assets for satellite phone. There is an architecture that embodies it 100% of the planet. Thanks to this, Samsung’s next flagships will be able to communicate data via satellite.

The Seoul company would have worked on this feature for two years. And like Apple and Huawei, it faces the same problem of miniaturization of antennas, a restrictive but necessary step to make satellite communications possible in smartphones.

This restriction also restricts the type of content that can be transmitted via satellite Text message And Low resolution images. It remains to be seen whether Samsung, like Apple, will restrict its use in emergencies or allow its users to use it at any time.



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