The actor stands as a takeover candidate for Manchester United

The actor stands as a takeover candidate for Manchester United

With Manchester United officially up for sale, a formidable American company is said to be in the takeover race in the coming weeks. A certain David Beckham may be involved.

A long distance run to recovery Manchester United started The Red Devils Now offered for sale by the Glazer family, the current owners of the highly prized station Premier League. Man United has unleashed passions around the world and many personalities have already expressed their interest. Elon Musk, Conor McGregor or Jim Radcliffe have said they might take the plunge.

From now on, it’s Apple that gets down to the dance The Daily Star. The US multinational’s CEO has reportedly agreed to explore a buyback idea valued at more than 4 billion euros. His company will find a spokesperson in Europe to promote its business.

For now, these are just rumors and Tim Cook has not officially confirmed the information. The Financial Times David Beckham declares for his part that he would like to join a consortium program if accepted. His support will mean a lot to the fans.

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