Samsung will shamelessly copy the iPhone 14 with this functionality

Samsung will shamelessly copy the iPhone 14 with this functionality

Like the iPhone 14 before them, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be on the verge of offering communications (presumably backup) via a satellite link.

The Galaxy S23 will also be cut for emergency satellite communications // Source: NASA / Unsplash

After Huawei on Mate 50 / Mate 50 ProAfter Apple with its iPhone 14Samsung and its future Galaxy S23 They can also provide satellite connectivity to their users. This is what we learn today from an articleETNews. Korean media reports that Samsung will rely on the Iridium satellite phone system in this case to allow satellite communications in its new generation of high-end smartphones, expected early next year.

According to ETNews, whose information is somewhat sketchy (so we’ll take it with a grain of salt), Samsung has been working on the project for two years and is using a network of 66 low-orbit communications satellites powered by Iridium. .

The Galaxy S23 will also look higher

Like its competitors, the Korean company also had to tackle the problem of miniaturizing the antenna to allow satellite communications from a smartphone. This reduction means sending only text messages, and sending less. For example, understand that the speed may be too slow to allow voice communication.

Apple has partnered with another company specializing in satellite communications to offer this feature: Global Star. However, on the iPhone 14, only requests for emergency assistance are allowed, while on Huawei’s Mate 50 sending messages via satellite is possible, at the moment, through the Chinese Beidou system.

However, South Korea is a small country in terms of area, which makes satellite communications unsuitable for local users. ETNews also recognizes that this functionality should be used sparingly on the site. With this, Samsung mainly wants to elevate itself like its competitors, while offering a function useful for the most adventurous travelers and those who live in large countries … to get lost in the middle of nature. From any mobile network, it arrives faster than south of the 38th parallel.

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