Good Reasons to Become an Indiana Cafe Owner

Good Reasons to Become an Indiana Cafe Owner

Created in Paris in 1988, the Indiana Café brand opened its first restaurant in the provinces in 2017 while exercising its franchise. Today, the network has about fifty restaurants and offers many benefits. Here are good reasons to become an Indiana cafe owner.

Indiana Cafe

Indiana Cafe has been the “American Brasserie” for over 30 years!

Blending atmosphere and American culture with Tex-Mex cuisine, our restaurants are real places of life. Burgers, salads, tacos, fajitas, cocktails, beers… anytime in a signature relaxed atmosphere. […]

For 35 years of experience and a strong concept of powerful visual identity

A striking visual identity, quality cuisine with burger buns designed and served daily by network bakers and a rich, colorful and delicious menu, a large beer and cocktail list, an exciting and inclusive music environment, an all-time special offer day, 29 years of in-house development A brand with 35 years of experience including: Becoming an Indiana cafe owner first means adopting a strong concept with a powerful visual identity with 35 years of experience.

Join a human-sized network with many opportunities

But Becoming an Indiana cafe owner means joining a human-scale network that guarantees local support for each new owner. From location search to finding funding partners to pursuing a job. “Communication with our owners and customers of our restaurants is essential to us.”Summarizes the network head.

And who says human size? Many opportunities for companies : Created as a franchise since 2017, the Indiana Café network has around fifty restaurants and therefore has great potential everywhere in France.

So if you like Open a burger restaurant Modern, dynamic, with a powerful concept that offers 35 years of experience and local support, visit the Indiana Cafe Franchise page to learn more.

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