Medical caravan in Es-Chemara, more than 1,900 beneficiaries

Caravane médicale à Es-Semara, plus de 1.900 bénéficiaires 

A multidisciplinary medical caravan was recently organized for the benefit of 1,900 people from Es-Semara province.

The Es-Semara Provincial Directorate of Health and Social Security, the Moroccan Medical Association for Unity (AMMS) and the Agency for Promotion and Economic Development and the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom have organized this humanitarian and united effort. (APDS), aims to improve the health status of the people, provide them local medical services and facilitate access to quality care.

In total, 1,389 medical consultations, 321 ultrasound examinations, 86 surgical consultations, 29 general surgeries and 53 cataract surgeries were carried out as part of this solidarity activity.

Mobilizing a staff of doctors, multi-skilled nurses and administrators and technicians, this three-day medical caravan provided multidisciplinary consultations, particularly in Ophthalmology (182), Gastroenterology (120), Otolaryngology (101), Pulmonology (103), Rheumatology (189). , Pediatrics (143), Gynecology (168), General Medicine (214) and Cardiology (71).

Also, this solidarity action was marked by distributing free medicines for the benefit of the beneficiaries and organizing awareness campaigns on several diseases.

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