Freebox introduces a new, more advanced "screen saver" functionality in Freebox Delta and Revolution

Freebox introduces a new, more advanced “screen saver” functionality in Freebox Delta and Revolution

Delta and Revolution are new, more advanced in Freebox

A new screen saver feature in Freebox lets you create custom apps.

Player of the Freebox Revolution and Player of the Freebox Delta-Deviant (after relaunching the following, Freeware has integrated a new functionality. Update this morning) is a screen saver but especially advanced. It has two parts.

First, the new functionality appears under the name “Screen Saver Settings” in the “Display” menu of the respective players.

Once in this section, you can activate this screen saver and choose a period of time for it to activate automatically if you have nothing to do with your Freebox. But “Change Screensaver” can

Free offers one by default, which displays the word “Freebox” with time in a moving rectangle. A second possibility is to select others from the free store.

And Free has introduced a new application in the store that offers other possibilities and is called Diaphorama Screensaver.

To benefit from this new “diaphorama screensaver” app, visit the free store and download it for free. It allows you to choose image banks to be displayed at regular intervals that you can define (10, 20 or 30 seconds). There are two image banks: Pixels and Pixabay. Both have thousands of images.

But beyond that, you can create your own image bank on your Freebox’s hard drive and select it as a screen saver.

As we can see, Free does not introduce a simple screensaver, but a tool that allows amateur or professional developers to offer their own screensaver applications on the FreeStore.

This article is taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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