Concerned, Arkham (formerly CSA) asks Twitter for an account

Concerned, Arkham (formerly CSA) asks Twitter for an account

The authority is asking Twitter to announce by November 24 what “human and technical measures” it has in place to combat misinformation.

The The situation on Twitter wakes up”A deep concernArkham (formerly CSA). The French regulator sent a letter on Friday Picaro, at the social network’s European headquarters. Since Elon Musk’s acquisition at the end of October, Twitter has reduced its global workforce from 7,500 to just over 2,500 employees. The number of service providers has been reduced by 75% at the behest of the new partner. An unknown batch of these contractors worked on the daily measurement of the platform.

Arcom wishes to express its deep concern about the direct effects of such decisions on Twitter’s ability to maintain a safe environment for users of its service.“, writes Sieraki. “Twitter is one of the most used platforms in France. As such, it raises legitimate issues regarding the integrity of democratic debate and the protection of the public.»

Twitter is regulated by Arcom under the Prevention of Online Information Handling Act 2018. The social network has a duty of cooperation and transparency in its moderated engagement mechanisms. This is why authority asks for social networking.”to confirm“By Thursday 24th November he”Able to fulfill obligations imposed by law“tell him”Dedicated human and technical resources to comply with these obligations“, especially “Effectively ensures control of illegal content and practices“all”Freedom of expression is guaranteed.»

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Compliance with Digital Services Act

More specifically, Arkham wants to know if Twitter is going to get involved.In full and complete implementation of the Digital Services Act“. This European law, which came into effect last week, imposes obligations of mechanisms and transparency on digital platforms, particularly in controlling content in all languages ​​of the European Union.

Most important online services will have to comply with Brussels rules by this summer. If they fail to comply, they will be fined up to 6% of their annual global revenue.

European regulators have lost several contacts on Twitter. The head of the social network’s representative office in Brussels left the post ten days ago. Sunday, Managing Director of Twitter France He announced his departure. The Irish offices, which are the headquarters of Twitter’s operations in Europe and moderate services for the continent, will lose half of their staff.

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